How to ensure the payment of your credit online

One of the main concerns that arise when we ask for an online loan has a lot to do with a question: ‘Can I pay all fees on time?’

The answer must be sought in the financial situation of each and is closely related to the way we manage the personal and family economy. Precisely for that reason, if we follow a series of guidelines and advice we will have a part of the path taken and it will be much easier to return the amount of our credit online, without complications or headaches.

Here we tell you how you can ensure the payment of all the installments of your credit online, with a little organization and a small dose of will. You will see that it is easier than you thought!


1. Know the exact amount of your debts

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The first step in order to pay our online credit installments on time is to know exactly the amount of the debt we have and the amount of money that corresponds to each of these terms. To keep it always in mind and not forget it, it is advisable to write it down on a site that we consult often, such as our agenda, a notebook or organizer, the calendar in which we write down the important dates … We must identify who we owe, the value of the monthly installments and the payment dates, so that we can avoid the delays.


2. Order your accounts

Controls the amount you earn each month and make a list in which you document your expenses. Try to order them according to the preference when paying, so you do not run out of money before paying the most important or what can be an additional expense if you do not meet your obligations on time. This would be the case of the fees of an online credit or the expenses of your purchases with a credit card: if you do not satisfy them on the stipulated date, you must add new interests to these figures. As this is precisely what we want to avoid, we will try to place our fees in a preferred position when investing the money we earn each month.


3. Change your habits

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In order to ensure the payment of your personal loan installments, you may have to modify, to some extent, your consumption habits. Now the most important thing is not to add another dollar to your debt, so that the whims should be last. Keep an eye on all your day-to-day expenses, even the smallest ones, and try to reduce or avoid them as much as possible.


4. Prepare the monthly budget

4. Prepare the monthly budget

Establishing a budget can help you with this task, since it is essential to know for sure how much money enters and leaves our account each month. With it we can know in advance how much we will have at the end of the month, once we have paid the main expenses, and so we will avoid leaving more money than we have in new games. The more details we write down in our budget, the more awareness we will have of what our consumption pattern is and we will see more clearly how we should modify it. To do it well, we suggest you take a notebook and write down on a sheet what your income is: your salary, extra money, income you receive … On the next sheet you must write down each and every one of your expenses, sorted by categories: food, home, transportation, insurance, health, education, debt payment, leisure and various expenses.


5. Set aside the credit card

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To avoid temptations and to be able to pay your credit fees online online, it is advisable to leave your credit card at home and get used to carrying cash or a debit card with us. In this way we will avoid contracting more debts and we can allocate the money we earn to the payment of those we already have.


6. Look for additional income

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If your personal and professional life allows it, it may be a good idea to look for an extra job or an additional source of income with which to help you pay the expenses derived from each month. It does not have to be a job that takes you many hours, but it can be something occasional as exercising as a flight attendant or hostess in a congress, a fair or any other type of event, promoting a product in a shopping center during the specific days which lasts the campaign or collaborate in a store or in a bar or cafeteria on days that need extra help. Another way to get additional revenue can be, also, sell what you do not use any more and that other people may be interested.


7. Help yourself with an app to keep your finances up to date

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And speaking of applications … Has it not occurred to you to download any app that helps you control your personal finances? In the market of your smartphone or tablet you have at your disposal a wide range of applications that will help you organize your accounts and save what you propose each month. We recommend two that we are sure are going to serve you very useful and, in addition, are free:

  • Settle up: This is an indispensable application for those who share a flat or have expenses in common with friends and family. It allows to keep a record of all the bills and shared expenses, to be able to be aware and pay on time each of the debts.
  • Gagosoto Factory: With it you can keep track of your expenses and income through lists, statistics and comparisons. You will know for sure the money you have in each site: your accounts, purses and loans, and you can organize yourself comfortably to ensure the payment of all your online credit installments.